Komyandare versus Danokit

Komyandare is the name of the people group, while Danokit is the name of the village.

What do you do?

Like any other job, our ministry is multifaceted.

Our primary focus is to bring the light of Christ to Danokit, because Christ is worthy of their praise.

We are learning their (unwritten) language so we can teach them about God, and to translate a bible into their (never before written) language.

Our prayer, is that a church will be born in the village of Danokit.

Our prayer, is that the Komyandare will become a light to all the tribes around them.

Our prayer, is for the Komyandare to be freed from their bonds of sin and be free to serve their Creator.

Other ministries naturally occur as a result of the primary work.

We have to teach literacy, so that the Komyandare can read their Bibles.

We will translate their personal stories and legends to encourage reading.

We use our medical knowledge to give aid to those in need.

We provide basic education to the Komyandare.

We help provide basic necessities like soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

What is like where you live?

The village of Danokit and our base are located in a lowland rainforest of Indonesia.

It is hot, muggy, and bug infested.

We live among wild pigs, cassowary, and crocodiles.

There are no roads. Our village is secluded in the village. Most of our people never leave the 30 mile diameter that is the Komyandare territory. When they do venture to other villages, they use dug out canoes on the river. Most often, they use their canoes to fish, hunt crocodiles or turtles, spear rock lobster, and gather greens and bananas from the jungle.

What do the Komyandare eat?

The Komyandare are hunters and gatherers. They literally live off the land. Their daily diet consists of young ferns, sweet potatoe leaves, bananas, sago (a starch from inside the sago palm), and fish. When energy and opportunity arise, the Komyandare enjoy cassowary, wild bore, rock lobster, turtle, snake, pineapple, breadfruit, rambutan, cucumber, and field corn.

What do you eat?

Our house has solar power, which allows us the convenience of a solar freezer.

We fly in meat, veggies, and eat a lot of rice.

Our stints in the village are 3 months long with 2 week supply runs in town inbetween. During the first couple of weeks, we have fresh fruits and vegetables, but everything rots or molds after that time because of the heat.

We really miss fresh fruits and vegetables by our 3rd month!